Outdoor Icons Unlimited, Inc.

Our Products

We offer two products; icons and signs (where icons can be placed within the sign).

LINK NEEDED - Icons are printed on various gauges of aluminum with a white enamel finish on both sides. The inks use automotive grade pigments and are the most UV resistant inks that we know of. An additional UV-resistant clear coat is then applied over the entire image; this also makes cleaning easy. Finished icons have a white border of one half to one inch. Icons will be shipped within 3 to 6 weeks, but as we refine our processes we are confident that this time frame will decrease.

Icons can be easily placed into display LINK NEEDED - signs in front of churches or direction-bearing road signs. These can either be one or two sided, depending on your requirements.

Our purpose is to provide you with the finished icon or sign which will be ready for display. The mounting and installation are up to you, the customer. Sign mounting techniques should be used, while at the same time using some ingenuity (e.g. liquid nails, basic hardware such as
S-hooks and chains, stainless steel screws, etc.).

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